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Standard membership: For invitations to our events and a say in how SME4Labour is ran, £15/yr

Concessionary membership: For members of Young Labour (under 27), students and retirees who support our cause, with the full benefits of standard membership, £5/yr

CLP group membership: If your Constituency Labour Party can put together a group of 5+ party members who wish to join, you can pay together and we will knock off the price of one standard membership in addition to any concessions. 10+ members and we will knock off the price of two memberships. Please pay in the 'other' box, and then email us the names and email addresses of all those in your CLP SME4Labour group via

If you would like to set up a standing order please click the link below to fill in the form and email us at 

SME4Labour Membership Application Form and Standing Order Mandate

Contributions are not tax deductible.